Creating and managing IT infrastructure is a complex undertaking for any business. Emerging technologies and changing business needs require a constant review of hardware inventory and updates, network architecture, device support, and personnel resources.

Many manufacturers in Richmond, Virginia can gain significant advantages from turning these technical tasks over to managed IT solutions.

What are Managed IT Solutions?

Managed IT solutions encompass a variety of services for manufacturing businesses of varying size and industry:

  • Provide technical skills to augment existing IT teams, freeing internal resources for more business-critical tasks.
  • Architect, implement, and manage network infrastructure.
  • Monitor security to protect IT assets and corporate data from cyberattacks.
  • Improve the productivity of manufacturing operations by increasing the efficiency and reliability of IT infrastructure.

9 Advantages of Managed IT Solutions

Implementing managed IT solutions with an experienced provider transforms Richmond, Virginia manufacturing business operations with scalable, efficient IT organizations and infrastructure that respond to changing business needs.

There are 9 key advantages that every business can realize from making the move to managed IT for manufacturers:

1. IT staffing

Even where businesses have invested in internal IT departments, there are often many challenges for maintaining, upgrading, monitoring, and securing the IT environment. Managed IT solutions transition day-to-day tasks to the service provider, allowing in-house resources to focus on business-critical functions that add value.


Time saved in upgrading servers and applying security patches can be better spent planning for system upgrades and distributing application software upgrades for users.

2. Managed Network Services

Network infrastructure is the lifeblood of business, regardless of company size or industry. Building, monitoring, and securing a network requires constant attention and vigilance. Managed IT Solutions includes applying software updates and detection of cyberattacks, utilizing sophisticated tools to keep the network running at peak performance and safe from hackers.

3. Cost Control

Utilizing external resources to provide managed IT eliminates the need to source, train, and retain highly paid technicians to perform basic IT duties:

  • Server updates
  • Network upgrades and software patching
  • Security updates including antivirus and ransomware detection
  • Management of print output and print services

Implementing managed IT services provides a predictable cost structure every month, without the expense of maintaining internal IT organizations.

4. Compliance with Regulatory Mandates

Many industries have specific regulatory requirements for the management of personal information such as HIPAA for patient medical records. Managed IT providers are well-versed in compliance issues and the appropriate security measures needed. This ensures businesses incorporate the appropriate level of protection required to remain in total compliance with every mandate.

5. Increased Production Efficiency

Turn over essential IT services to your managed service provider and discover the gain in efficiency for your internal IT resources and all employees. In-house IT teams focused on business applications and enhancements offer a new level of service that benefits all departments. This, in turn, provides better service to customers.

Providing consistent, stable infrastructure reduces errors in handling data and improves the reliability of information generated from critical business applications. Faster turn-around of data and consistent accuracy allows for more efficient planning and scheduling on the manufacturing floor. This also improves employee and customer satisfaction levels.

Richmond, Virginia manufacturers know that information drives production. With skilled IT resources managing system performance and network security, response and reliability are more consistent. This keeps production moving smoothly.

6. Enhanced Security

Managed IT services are knowledgeable in all levels of IT security. Utilizing best practices for protecting data and IT infrastructure from unethical and criminal elements is one of the most important benefits of implementing managed IT solutions.

Every industry and size of company is vulnerable to these cyberattacks and ransomware demands. Managed IT is an effective defense against hackers and cybercrime, leveraging technical skills that internal teams may not possess.

7. Infrastructure Scalability

Businesses in every industry can benefit from reliable IT architecture that grows to meet their needs. Managed services analyze business processes, performance requirements, and future plans to provide an infrastructure that lasts but expands easily as needs change.

8. IT Support

Reliable and consistent support is critical to keep manufacturers in Richmond, Virginia running smoothly. This provides management and users with vital business systems that enhance productivity and boost the level of customer service.

Managed IT solutions support the network and infrastructure they provide, meeting or exceeding service level agreements and client expectations.

9. Management Review

Managed IT solution providers offer regular reviews of performance and service levels. Managers can plan and react proactively to business trends and changing IT requirements, based on actual data.

Virginia Business Systems – Partnering with Richmond, Virginia Manufacturers

Manufacturers across all business sectors benefit from managed IT solutions:

  • Healthcare – With the anticipated growth of the healthcare sector, implementing secure, scalable IT services not only makes business sense – it presents a strategic advantage for the growth and management of IoT devices.
  • Automotive manufacturers – New technologies integrated into modern vehicles call for high-powered applications supported by reliable infrastructure. Managed services supply affordable solutions that meet these needs.
  • Manufacturing – Real-time information allows businesses to react to changing needs in manufacturing environments.

Virginia Business Systems (VBS) has been providing customers with reliable products and services for over 65 years. We offer complete managed IT solutions including print services and network services.

Contact VBS today to discuss how we can put managed IT services to work for your business.