HP Pagewide Printers for Education

There once was a time where the typical printer found in a school classroom or library was fairly limited in what it was capable of. These printers usually printed the standard letter sized document and that was about it. Large format printers were largely unaffordable for school use and, typically, required students or teachers to go to their local print shop and pay for more specialized printing options. However, in recent years, HP has released some versatile and affordable wide format printers that can meet the needs (and budget) of schools.

Finding the right print equipment that provides students and teachers with the opportunity to tap into their creativity while staying within tight education budgets can be a challenge. Thankfully, HP Pagewide printers check off all the boxes.

An Economical Choice

Schools don’t operate on unlimited budgets. For many schools, having wide format printers was simply not something that offered enough bang for the buck. HP Pagewide printers have changed that, however. These versatile, easy-to-use printers give teachers another tool at their disposal when it comes to printing lesson materials and allow students to experiment with different styles to bring their presentations to the next level.

Most importantly, the cost of these printers to purchase and maintain has come way down in recent years. In some cases, the purchase cost is comparable to standard paper size printers. This may come as a shock to those who had researched wide format printers in the past only to find that wide format printers can cost thousands more than their letter size counterparts.

Integration with Existing Systems

One of the challenges often faced with adding new print equipment is the cost, time, and headache associated with adding the new equipment to the existing print infrastructure. HP Pagewide printers easily integrate with existing network and managed print systems to allow for a seamless addition of capabilities to an existing school’s printer fleet.

With this simple integration, school administration can still manage and monitor printing to keep costs within budget and ensure timely maintenance of the print devices on their network. Rather than undertaking an entirely new deployment, education institutions are able to quickly add to their equipment infrastructure without any difficulty.

Since the printers integrate so easily with existing systems, this also ensures that network features like scanning to a network storage drive or printing over the network from connected devices are still available for wide format printers. The familiar experience that students and teachers are used to means there’s no learning curve or additional training required for people to begin making the most of the new devices available to them.

Unlock Creativity in Students

With wide format printing available, students can experiment with their own creativity by creating new ways to present their hard work. This could include, for example, a magazine or newspaper-style assignment that allows students to escape the monotony of the traditional essay assignment submission. Eager students can also experiment with digital design as they create eye-popping projects to take advantage of the additional real estate afforded to them.

For schools with digital design classes offered to students, wide format printers can help students create tangible products from their hard work whether that’s designing a school newspaper, poster, or other type of printed design work.

Enable Teachers to do Their Best Work

Teachers can also benefit from wide format printers in their school. With the ability to create larger materials, educators can develop more engaging classroom materials. Stunning photos printed for students to view can help make a lesson about a far away place feel more real. Spreadsheets can be fit onto an entire page for easy viewing and collaborating. The possibilities are endless when teachers have the ability to use their own creativity and passion on wide format printed pages.

Expand the Possibilities

With HP Pagewide printers, education becomes more powerful. Students can show off their full potential and teachers can find new ways to share their passion for learning. All of this, of course, while staying within budget.

To learn more about HP Pagewide printers, wide format printing, and how to deploy these powerful devices; contact the HP product gurus at Virginia Business Systems today.

January 25th 2021