The Benefits and Bright Future of Multifunction Printers

Multifunction printers are the future of office printing. These slick, efficient, and high-impact machines are designed to handle it all in one spot and sometimes with one push of the button.

Many offices still have separate machines for printing, scanning, photocopying, and faxing. Employees zip back and forth between them, shuffling documents through the various stages of their lifecycle. The more machines to use, the more complicated this process gets. Some offices even have an entire room dedicated to a morass of printing equipment and all the unique consumables each device needs.

Tired of hoarding supplies in the hopes that it’ll work on something in the printing room one day? Then it’s time to step into the modern era of printing equipment.

Modern Features of Multifunction Printers

Skeptical about the idea of a single machine which can literally do it all? Here are some of the features an average multifunction printer sports which benefit modern businesses:

1. They take up way less room.

Multifunction printers condense the printing room into one machine smaller than the average refrigerator. This makes more space for other high-impact business activities, which is critical for small businesses and startups especially. A small office footprint also turns the machine into a productivity hub rather than creating a time-suck corner where employees mysteriously disappear.

2. They can talk to other WiFi-enabled devices.

The modern multifunction printer comes equipped with WiFi to connect directly into the current workflow of an office. While most digital printers (and other office devices) have this ability, the connectivity capabilities in multifunction printers are much more robust. They can handle not only printing or faxing from a computer but a phone, a tablet, or literally anything else. They can also handle multiple ethereal commands coming at them from all directions.

3. Intuitive touchscreens make them frustration-free.

Multifunction printers are powerful, and manufacturers thoughtfully made these powers easy to access with easy-to-understand touchscreens to minimize the learning curve. Rather than employees needing to master many devices and their idiosyncratic interfaces, a multifunction printer handles everything from one centralized touchscreen. This cuts frustration, time spent messing around, and the chances that someone will break something accidentally.

4. They’re faster than expected.

Worried about how a half-dozen functions under one roof might affect performance? Don’t be. Most multifunction printers take advantage of laser printing technology, which means they can print at speeds of up to a page each second. Since this technology is leveraged across all output functions, these speeds get replicated in the photocopying and scanning functionalities too.

ConnectKey Is Part of the Future for Multifunction Printers

Multifunction printers produced by Xerox have one other trick up their sleeve which lends an added punch to an organization’s productivity: ConnectKey. This productivity software streamlines workflow by introducing a single interface across all integrated devices. Users can install it on a computer, a tablet or even a mobile phone to access the device’s full array of functionalities from anywhere.

ConnectKey transforms an office by introducing:

  • The ability to manipulate documents from anywhere. Generate a document, fax it, and send it to storage without getting up from the desk.
  • Better document security. Xerox uses its state-of-the-art security approach to make sure devices and documents remain out of the wrong hands.
  • One Interface. The interface is the same across every device. Users learn one program and can access the company’s entire fleet of printers, including several non-Xerox printer models.


The Future Market of Multifunction Printers

In terms of printing trends, 2019 has already shown that eyes are largely on innovations in paper stock and avant-garde approaches to ink. However, multifunction printers are well-established staples of the modern office and continue to be. Here are a few statistics from the latest market research:

  • The global multifunction printer market was worth $27.5 billion in 2017, and that number is increasing.
  • MFPs which can print sizes below A3 (larger than 8.5”x11”) are gaining popularity but the need for specialized technology is hindering its widespread adoption. A4 is still the most popular paper size, and its demand is growing.
  • The color MFP segment is expected to the largest area of growth through 2022.


EBS Helps Offices Step Into the 21st Century

Choosing the right printer can be difficult, but with an expert in office technology as a guide, it doesn’t have to be. Edwards Business Systems have over 60 years of experience providing premier and bespoke office equipment solutions to businesses in an array of industries.

Multifunction printers are a staple of modern businesses, among the top printing trends. 2019 is bringing many new device options. The right device will simplify and centralize an organization’s print environment in a way which boosts productivity and efficiency.

Get started today on the right foot and contact Edwards Business Systems for an assessment of your company’s print environment needs.

April 16th 2019