The Pros and Cons of a Mobile Phone Upgrade

Ninety-six percent of Americans now own a mobile phone, making cell phones ubiquitous devices at home and in the office. This number reflects an 81% increase since 2011, when only 35% of consumers owned a smartphone.

And, as mobile technology grows and evolves, that smartphone will become a more critical tool as work shifts from a purely office environment to a remote one, with Bring-Your-Own-Device workplaces on the increase.

That’s a good thing, as workers are able to be more productive and happier when they are able to access the information they need — when they need it.

With the cost of a new phone on the rise, does it make sense to stay current by purchasing the most current release of your favorite phone?

No matter whether you prefer iPhone or Android smartphones, or you use your device for work or for personal reasons only, you’ll want to make a sensible, cost-effective decision about upgrading your phone.

When is the Right Time to Consider a Phone Upgrade?

These days, over half of consumers are holding on to their phones for more than three years rather than upgrading — should you be among them?

Before deciding whether to consider upgrading to the latest model of your favorite smartphone (or not) first examine our list of pros and cons.

  1. Con: New Technology Can Mean a Steep Learning Curve

If you use your device for professional purposes — or you’re just easily frustrated — a new smartphone may cause a loss in productivity, at least temporarily, as you get used to the new operating system and features.

In addition to figuring out the new bells and whistles, new phones — that are typically paired with a brand-new operating system release — can often present issues in the form of buggy software that can make using your favorite apps a headache.

  1. Pro: New Technology Can Mean More Productivity

On the other hand, an upgrade can give you access to more feature-rich applications, greater functionality, and faster response time.

Together, these factors can amp up productivity, make collaboration and communication easier, and even expand the ways you can use your phone to make life — and work — easier.

Plus, over time, old smartphone operating systems are taken offline, leaving you with an unsupported device.

  1. Con: New Phones are Expensive

It’s easy to get sticker shock when looking at the prices of some of the newly released cell phone models. With prices ranging up to $2000, a new phone can be a daunting purchase to consider.

And, with large manufacturers releasing new models every year, “latest and greatest” becomes a relative term.

  1. Pro: Consider the Hidden Costs of Your Old Phone

A new phone might be expensive at first, but it might save you money in the long run.

With better battery life, faster performance, and enhanced security, you’ll be able to work smarter rather than harder on an upgraded phone.

And because it’s so important in today’s cybercrime-filled world, security deserves a starring role in the “pro” corner. Now more than ever, hackers are targeting mobile devices — including cell phones — to launch cyberattacks.

In fact, there has been a 37% rise in cell phone phishing attacks in the last six months. A new phone will be equipped with the most recent — and most protective — security protocols to keep your sensitive personal and work information safe.

On the other hand, using an outdated phone can put your data at risk of loss or theft — both of which can be very costly, both professionally and personally.

Ready to Upgrade? Call Edwards Business Systems to Discover the Right Phone for Your Needs and Budget

At Edwards Business Systems (EBS) we understand how technology grows and changes.

We’ve been supplying office technology to savvy businesses since 1954, so we know how to help our clients get the most out of their equipment budgets.

If you’re considering upgrading your fleet of mobile phones, our experts can help tailor an upgrade strategy with your budgetary needs and business goals in mind, ensuring you get the highest level of security and function for your investment.

Ready to enjoy the functionality, security, and speed that comes with a new phone? Contact an EBS representative now and discover how easy it is to upgrade.

July 20th 2020