The Top Benefits of Document Management for Real Estate

The real estate industry is always fast-paced no matter what is going on in the world. People who need homes will often require a quick turnaround of papers and other documents.

For today’s real estate professional, having a document management solution can make a huge difference in productivity and sales.

What is Document Management for Real Estate?

Real estate agents handle a lot of very important documents. The amount of paperwork in a home closing is huge. It is best not to leave that much paperwork to chance. You need a system that helps organize and manage these files. And it needs to be reliable, secure, and accessible remotely by a variety of devices.

A document management solution can do all this and more.

What exactly is a document management solution? It is a technology that not only hosts and secures your important files, it indexes them and allows you and your team to edit, share, and organize them. Document management services are designed to allow for ease of use while ensuring better security. This is critical in a time where hacking is common and cybersecurity is becoming increasingly important for all businesses, large and small.

A document management system specifically designed or customized for a real estate agency takes this amazing technology and leverages the best practices that will support the needs of mobile real estate agents.

A document management solution can be cross-platform and should work on a variety of devices. That means you can access your documents just as easily from a home computer as one at the office, as well as with your tablet or mobile phone.

What are the Benefits of Document Management Services for Real Estate Companies?

While almost all companies can benefit from a strong document management system, real estate firms can especially benefit. Here is why:

Access Documents Remotely Through Mobile Apps

One of the hallmarks of a typical workday for the busy real estate agent is the constant travel. While coronavirus restrictions have limited the ability of real estate salespeople to hold large open houses, in-person meetings are still necessary. An industrious real estate agent needs to be on the go and available to show homes and answer questions of potential buyers. They need to have information at their fingertips like home prices and closing costs. With a document management solution, your real estate team can access files remotely with ease.

Improve Regulatory Compliance

The real estate industry has to comply with local, state, and federal laws and regulations. Fortunately, document management can help. With a document management service, keeping up with regulations becomes easier. Document management automatically tracks and updates compliance to keep in line with any legal requirements.

Security for Your Real Estate Documents

Real estate documents can contain sensitive and private information that needs to be kept secure. You do not want client financial records to be hacked! A robust document management system provides the security you need to give you and your clients peace of mind.

Document Access and Control

Your customized real estate document management solution can provide the right access for the right files with the most secure controls in place. That means, if you need to send a document to a client for review, the privacy settings can enable them to interact with the document without it becoming a public item spammed over the Internet.

Process Improvement and Enrichment

Why waste time tracking down documents and files when a document management solution can make that process streamlined? With search capabilities and smart document workflows, you can spend your real estate workday communicating and building relationships instead of buried in a computer trying to track down things.

How Do You Get Started with Document Management for Real Estate?

Interested in upgrading to a real estate document management solution? First, an assessment should be done of your real estate business and the current state of your document and filing systems. A custom strategy is then developed to meet the specific needs of your real estate company.

For example, some of the existing files and document processes may need to be digitized, which can help streamline and improve processes. Once the document management solution is launched, your real estate company can be supported every step of the way! At Virginia Business Systems, we provide all of these services and more, just contact us!

Virginia Business Systems offers expert document management services for real estate companies. Contact us today for a quote!

November 2nd 2020