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Bringing Visual Communication to the Next Level

Interactive whiteboards are taking the main stage in classrooms and offices as the next up-and-coming technology to transform visual communication. Businesses are choosing to adopt this technology to send a clear message about their commitment to forward-thinking solutions.

Interactive whiteboards in the classroom are moving education towards an innovative, integrated, and hands-on future. In the workspace, they’re encouraging collaboration, networking, and a new way to envision relationships with clients and business contacts.

Choosing the right interactive display for your classroom or office has the potential to revolutionize the way learning and collaboration occur.
Virginia Business Systems is an authorized dealer of Sharp interactive whiteboards and proud to leverage its expertise in this line of products for the benefit of our customers.

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Step into the next generation with Sharp

The Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display system is much more than just a plain interactive screen. This cutting-edge technology features wireless connectivity, a design which facilitates effortless communication, and the ability to handle multiple interactive points at once. As a leader in consumer electronics, Sharp blends the best of usability, practicality, and technical power to create a highly versatile and useful communication tool for a wide range of environments.

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Smart interactive whiteboards are a salient step into the future of visual communications. By partnering with Sharp, we bring the most powerful, cutting-edge capabilities to your presentations. Unlock new ways of collaborating and communicating through interactive display solutions. Transform your classroom or office with visual communications technology that invigorates, excites, and effectively communicates ideas.

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