Managed Print Services

Efficiently Managing Print Costs and Consumables

Do you know precisely what your office spends on printing each month? Do you know what gets printed, when, why, by whom – and where each document goes? If you’re like most companies, the answer is no. Managed Print Services (MPS) can help with this.

All businesses print documents, but few have access to the data which makes their printing habits visible. Printing is the last frontier of unknown office expenses, and it’s one of the biggest ways in which companies lose money, time, and even the documents themselves.

However, the fast pace of modern business makes tracking and controlling wasteful production a time-consuming process. In addition to printing more pages faster, companies are expected to operate flawlessly in our high-tech world.

Managed Print Service providers take care of your print environment so you can take care of business, helping your company stay efficient to stay more competitive.

What challenges do managed print services solve?

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What we offer

Virginia Business Systems offers the following services according to your company’s needs:

  • Print analysis and assessment: We’ll survey your existing printing environment and habits to determine the best strategy for your needs.
  • Remote monitoring: We’ll keep track of your printing in real-time to spot trouble before it arises.
  • National service and support: Our technicians are available to help from anywhere, at any time.
  • Green printing practices: We introduce green printing practices to increase energy efficiency and decrease consumption of paper. We are proud members of the Green Business Bureau, the Eco Chamber, and New River Valley Go Green.
  • Auto supply replenishment: By using tracking software to keep track of your usage, we’ll ensure supplies are delivered on time to keep your documents flowing.
  • Automated meter collection: Know exactly what you’ll pay each month with an agreed-upon amount. We’ll provide services
    and supplies accordingly.
  • Copier and printer toner recycling: We help your company reduce its carbon footprint by recycling used cartridges.
  • Printing resource management: We’ll manage your print environment resources at individual, device, and application levels.

Benefits of managed print services

Managed Print Services are a smart way to address the many print- and document-related challenges which modern businesses face.
By using Managed Print Services, benefits your business enjoy include:

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