When it comes to upgrading office equipment, small businesses have a unique challenge. They don’t need the power of a production press which can produce 30,000 pages without a shudder. However, they’ve also outgrown their home office printer and need a more professional device with more output capabilities, and more efficient speeds. Fortunately, the office technology industry has an answer to this peculiar space in which many small business owners find themselves. It’s called the multifunction printer (MFP), and it’s changed the way offices large or small think about printing.

What Is an MFP?

A multifunction printer, or MFP, is a printer which does more than just print. These devices also photocopy, scan, fax and even often email all from the convenience of one intuitive touch screen. They’re typically laser printers, taking advantage of the technology’s printing speed and efficiency with cartridges. These features make MFPs known to provide high impact in the office, helping to consolidate a cluttered print environment while making it easier for users to access the print tools they need. 

Who Needs an MFP?

MFPs are valuable in almost any office setting. However, an SMB might be most in need of an MFP if it:

  • Regularly prints marketing materials or advertising collateral.
  • Is involved in an industry related to printing, such as graphics design.
  • Needs to handle hardcopy documents for business.
  • Interacts with forms or other documents with handwriting.

The Benefits of MFPs

MFPs have become a staple of the modern office because of the numerous benefits they deliver to the organizations which use them. These benefits include:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity and integration software. MFPs come loaded with the ability to connect to the internet, as well as additional software to help users accomplish more with the device without leaving their desk. 
  • Ease of use, maintenance, and upgrade. MFPs are known for being remarkably easy to use, maintain, and upgrade. This minimizes the hassle of fiddling with paper jams or broken parts while granting SMBs the critical ability to switch it out for a more powerful device if necessary.
  • Cost-effective operations. By adopting high yield ink cartridges and laser printing technology, MFPs boast some of the lowest costs per page of printed material of any device. Likewise, by reducing the number of devices running, one MFP can reduce a company’s electricity bill. 
  • Space saved for other processes. For SMBs, which may operate out of very small offices, space in the office is valuable. An MFP has a small physical footprint which means more space for other business activities. 

Multifunction Printers with a High PPM

PPM refers to pages per minute, the industry standard in determining the speed of a printer. In general, laser printers are much faster than inkjets, and monochrome is faster than color. Speed is an important factor for SMBs which need MFPs. Therefore, here are some of the fastest printers on the market today which meet – and scale with – the printing environments of small businesses.

41 PPM: HP LaserJet Pro MFP M521dn

Very small offices with limited space will enjoy the compact LaserJet Pro MFP M521dn by HP. Designed to be efficient, high-impact and unobtrusive in the workspace, it comes with all of the capabilities of an office printer without the unnecessary complexities of a more robust device. 

42 PPM: Konica Minolta bizhub 4020

The bizhub 4020 is a low-cost solution for companies which need a printer with an extra-professional touch. From its sleek appearance to its ability to print high-resolution color images or ultra-crisp lines of text, the bizhub 4020 brings the next level of printing power to an SMB without breaking the bank. 

47 PPM: Xerox Versalink B405

Xerox – which brought the first plain paper photocopier to the office in 1959 – is still one of the leading suppliers of office technology today. Its ultra-fast monochrome MFPs are capable of printing upwards of 125 PPM. However, an SMB may find the color enabled Versalink B405 more at home in a small office. At 47 PPM, it’s one of the most cost-effective printers of the Xerox line – and users can take advantage of the many tools Xerox provides for it, such as ConnectKey.

55 PPM: Lexmark 2865bw

For those who need an ultra-fast printer and don’t mind eliminating color, the Lexmark 2865bw prints at a whopping 55 pages per minute. Able to handle up to 75,000 pages per month and loaded with automatic duplex printing, this model is designed to handle a small business with the most robust printing demands.

MFPs: Get the Right Device for the Job

An MFP is an invaluable tool for SMBs looking to upgrade their print environment without breaking the bank by acquiring too much printing power. Designed to increase the efficiency and productivity of a space, MFPs put the power to manage documents conveniently into one place making work easier for everyone. 

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