Our Partnership With Oberon Americas

Virginia Business Systems is proud to announce our partnership with Oberon America, who specializes in researching, designing and delivering of cloud software platforms for printers across all brands & models. This collaboration will allow us to monitor all your printing devices- ensuring their supplies and components are up to date and in working order.


Who is Oberon Americas?

Oberon Americas is a company we work closely with to install MPS Monitor so that we can keep your devices performing as they should.

Their platform, MPS Monitor, is consistently being developed to uphold the latest security standards.

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What is MPS Monitor?

MPS Monitor is a platform that we use to so that we can monitor supply levels, meters, and fix issues remotely.

  • Consumable reporting

  • Custom Printer usage reporting

  • Remote Firmware Upgrade

  • Security Policy Management


Is this secure?

MPS Monitor is a reliable and secure platform using advanced security standards

  • ISO/IEC 27001:2014

  • GDRP Compliant

  • SOC 2 Compliant

  • TLS DCA Communication

  • Outsourced Penetration Testing

  • HP worldwide Cyber Security Clearance

  • Download the Security Certification


Want to learn more?

For additional support information or to schedule your MPS Monitor installation remotely, please contact:

Email: mpsmonitor@vabs.net

Phone: (800) 887-1683


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