Recruiting Frequently Asked Questions

What career opportunities are available?

We have positions in sales, technical service, support, fulfillment, logistics, administration, and marketing.  To be considered, you must be great at Customer Service, either supporting our customers or fellow employees.

What is the interview process like?

When positions become available, we post them internally via our Daily Update, on our website, on our LinkedIn pages, and we sometimes post on Indeed. We will also notify our Talent Pool members. Interested candidates should complete the online interest form and upload their resume for consideration. 

If selected for an interview, an initial phone interview will be scheduled and conducted by one of our Human Resource team members.  The next step in the process is an in-person interview with the hiring manager for the position.  The next step in the process is a personality profile to ensure there is a fit with the position requirements.  Additional interviews with team members or other managers may be scheduled as needed.  The entire process should take no more than two weeks.  Candidates will be kept in the loop during the process and will not be “ghosted”. 

How much training do I receive?

Always striving to be a Best Place to Work, we provide all employees with ongoing training.  All new hires go through our Onboarding Process to learn about the Company’s history, background, Core Values, processes, resources, and benefits.  Depending on the position, initial training will be conducted by the manager and Human Resources.  Secondary training on our products will be in person and online with our manufacturer and financing partners.  Training on our ERP and CRM are done in-house by our on staff subject matter experts.  The initial training takes about four to six weeks, but ongoing training and development is constant!

How do I give and receive feedback at work?

All employees participate in weekly or bi-weekly Level 10 meetings with their team to catch up, review scorecards, to do items, discuss issues, and provide progress reports on projects.  Each meeting is scored by all members and the goal is to have the average be an 8-10- thus a Level 10 (“L10” for short) meeting.  No one wants to attend a poor meeting!  All employees have weekly one on ones with their manager, typically thirty minutes to review individual items or concerns and to keep the lines of communication open.  Each quarter, employees have bi-directional conversations to review each other’s adherence to our Core Values, their Key Roles, and their Projects.  On a work anniversary, employees receive an Annual Performance Evaluation by their manager.

We find that by having regularly scheduled meetings, we know there is a predictable cadence and forum to address items.

Where will I work?

We are strong believers in working in the communities that we serve. As part of the community and our team, our field engineers, logistics and sales teams spend some time in our branch offices but most of the time is in front of our customers or prospects.  We provide the tools and resources that allow them to effectively work remotely eliminating time consuming trips to the office.  For our Service and Supply Group, Billing and Accounting teams, most of the work is performed in our branch offices.  During the pandemic, we successfully transitioned to a work from home model (WFH) to a hybrid model, and we are slowly getting back to a normal work environment.

Does the Company provide Educational Reimbursement?

We believe in you.  If you are interested in improving your education as it relates to your profession, we can help.  With approval, educational reimbursements are available through the company for up to $300 per successfully completed course.

Is there an Employee Recognition Program?
Employee recognition is important!  We have a number of different ways to show our employees the love including Company outings, Employee Shout Outs, AIM Higher Awards, Service Recognition, and more.
What benefits are available?

We have a generous and competitive benefits package. Click here to view VBS Benefits Package.

Is there a work/life balance?

VBS understands that life happens; we’re flexible and understanding and we allow our employees the time and space to address unexpected family/personal issues. After all, we are family-owned company!

Can I advance my career at VBS?

Absolutely.  We promote from within and encourage professional growth. All open positions are posted internally to give employees an opportunity to apply and advance their career within the company.

What type of compensation can I expect?

You can expect to earn a competitive wage based on market and industry trends.  Employees have the opportunity for monthly bonus incentives. Annual wage increases are granted based on performance metrics.  Employees holding sales positions can create their own earnings upwards to 6 figures based on a generous commissions plan.  Additionally, the company provides a year-end holiday bonus to all employees. 

What have others said about working at VBS?

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