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- Eagle Fire Inc

I like that we were not put on hold forever, and that we get to speak with a person who speaks clearly. When our technician arrived soon after we placed the call, he checked in and got to work clearing our jam. The machine is now running great and the copies look better than before he serviced it! Your technicians are always helpful explaining the problems to us and how to avoid them in the future. He always does a great job!  We hardly have problems with the machine, but when we do, your technicians always show up fast and get us back running again! GREAT JOB!!

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- Department of Medical Assistance

We have worked with VBS for many years and have always received outstanding service from a knowledgeable staff committed to helping us identify and meet our requirements to be as efficient and cost effective as possible. VBS has consistently provided quality service and prompt response to our service calls and supply requests.

Based on our experience, we would highly recommend VBS to anyone wanting a positive experience, starting with the evaluation of needs, implementation of a solutions and providing follow-up an on-going support. We have been very pleased with our decision to partner with your company for our document processing needs.

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– James Madison University Health Center

The JMU Health Center has a long association with Virginia Business System. Currently we lease 11 copier/printers from VBS. That number in itself speaks to the confidence that we have in VBS and their abilities to ‘take care of’ the business needs of the JMU Health Center.
We appreciate the 24/7 support, the 800 numbers for supplies and service, the on-going willingness to answer any question, and resolve any issue no matter how many times we call or send an email.

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- VA State Police

I am writing to recommend the services of Edwards Business Systems and Virginia Business Systems. I am the contract manager for one hundred thirty (130) copiers supplied by Virginia Business Systems. Virginia Business Systems has provided top quality goods and services in accordance with all terms and conditions of the contract to Virginia State Police for many years. All requests are met in a very timely and courteous manner. They are always willing to go the extra mile.

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- Reynolds Community College

I am writing to recommend the services of Virginia Business Systems. I have been working with Virginia Business Systems for over two years. They have been very timely with all requests for information on their products. They have done an excellent job of servicing our equipment and it has always been done in a timely manner. When we have needed the extended services of their technical staff, they have used their resources to deliver accurate and quick answers to our questions. Recently, during a one-day fourteen copier replacement schedule, their two delivery drivers did a stellar job of delivering and installing all of the machines in a single 8-hour work day. They have also been most accommodating with our college staff to schedule training on our new copiers to insure our staff has the knowledge to use the equipment and take advantage of all of its capabilities.

I am happy to recommend the services of Virginia Business Systems. They have more than met my expectations in the areas of product knowledge and services rendered.

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– Chesterfield County Purchasing Dept.

Edwards Business Systems and Virginia Business Systems (VBS) has been a valued provider of quality goods and outstanding customer services to Chesterfield County for numerous years. Most recently, in January 2015 Chesterfield County awarded a contract to VBS to provide “Copier Services” to the County. This contract requires VBS to provide copiers and related services to Chesterfield County on an ongoing and oftentimes daily basis.
VBS has provided quality products in full compliance with all terms, conditions and requirements of the contract; however, more importantly, VBS has provided responsive, proactive and outstanding contractual support and customer service. Any time you are dealing with a large and diverse fleet of copiers at a large and diverse customer location base as Chesterfield County issues will arise with the machines, supplies, locations, upgrades, downgrades, replacements etc. VBS has responded to each and every task and request with outstanding professionalism and a can-do attitude. VBS, at all levels within the organization, continues to proactively support the County and demonstrated their desire to satisfy the customer.

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