Want to operate a twenty-first-century business? Then twenty-first-century technology is not optional. Managed network services help companies develop the robust IT infrastructure which employees and consumers expect.

Whether a company needs to build a tailored network from the ground up or update an existing network, managed network services make sure that they get exactly what they need. Read on to learn about the benefits of managed services, and how Virginia Business Systems helps clients develop modern solutions which address modern challenges.

What are Managed Network Services?


Managed network services, also called managed IT services, is the use of a third-party contractor for information technology infrastructure. They manage everything from private servers to computers, mobile devices, printers, cybersecurity, and data storage. A good managed IT services provider also deploys 24/7 remote monitoring since threats don’t exactly follow a standard workweek schedule.

There exist many benefits of managed network services which makes them a valuable investment for most companies. In particular, managed IT services facilitate access to cutting-edge technology at the fraction of what it would otherwise cost. Additionally, companies can leverage access to professionals who already know this technology inside and out.

Why These Services Exist

Managed network services have been around since the 1990s, where they first evolved as desktop support and network administration. This was a direct response to companies discovering that the internet could revolutionize the way they conducted business. However, as the digital environment has reached an unprecedented level of complexity, managed network services have gone mainstream. Here are four main reasons why these services exist today:

1. Hackers target new companies hoping they won’t be able to defend themselves.

Attacks on small businesses have represented over 40 percent of all cyber-attacks since 2015 and that number is only increasing. Hackers target small companies because they expect that such organizations won’t have the budget to invest in robust cybersecurity. Managed IT services help prevent this.

2. There are too many options.

Ever spent hours perusing through the many options for office computers, only to walk away confused and exhausted? Managed network service providers know what works and what to bypass. They go straight for the solutions that work with minimal tinkering and costly experiments.

3. Modern consumers expect a modern brand experience no matter the industry.

Consumers expect companies to put a flawless foot forward not just in their product presentation, but also in the way they design their customer service experience as well. Using dated technology, a buggy website or unreliable communication channels is a surefire way to send potential consumers running to competitors.

How to Determine if Managed IT Services Are Needed

Companies adopt managed network services to meet employee, consumer or organizational needs. Here are three main signs that a company might benefit from a managed network provider:

1. The IT department can’t keep up with its request queue.

If an IT department is constantly bogged down with support requests, it could be a sign that the infrastructure isn’t functioning correctly or that employees aren’t properly trained on its use. Identifying themes in requests helps spot problem areas.

2. Employees are going rogue with installations or solutions.

When employees begin installing their own software or hardware to do their job, it means that the current infrastructure doesn’t meet their needs. However, this creates a massive security risk for the organization.

3. It seems like new hardware, software or subscriptions are constantly appearing.

Companies which find themselves constantly buying new parts or programs may not have a clear grasp on their infrastructure needs. Managed services help eliminate this needless spending.

4. Compliance is a new concept for the organization.

Most data, especially sensitive data such as personal information, has legal compliance requirements. If this is a new concept for employees or the organization, get help from a managed service provider immediately.


The Benefits of Managed IT Services

  • Lower IT-related costs from installing the right tools using trained specialists
  • Better security, done by professionals who have seen every trick in the book
  • Less downtime or time spent troubleshooting haphazard solutions
  • Businesses manage business rather than their network
  • Scalable solutions meet needs, challenges, and goals at every step of the way
  • The shifted burden of compliance on the service provider eliminates legal headaches for companies
  • 24/7 monitoring for threats which try to sneak by after business hours
  • Better technology for less money
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity ensure a company’s longevity


VBS Manages Networks Professionally and Securely

Few companies can boast about possessing over 60 years of experience in providing office technology solutions. Virginia Business Systems has a keen grasp of the needs and challenges faced by businesses in a variety of industries. The custom network solutions offered reflect this deep expertise. Get started today with a managed IT services specialist to gain a modern, competitive edge in IT solutions.