How to Leverage Managed Print Services for Better Profitability

The trend towards digital transformation is making sweeping inroads across all industries as more businesses discover the advantages of taking their core business processes digital.

Of all the benefits this transformation brings, access to analytics offers businesses a competitive advantage that just can’t be met without making a shift towards digital operations.

Where printing is concerned, advanced analytics and automated services — the hallmarks of a strong managed print services (MPS) program — allow businesses to get a detailed assessment of their printer fleet’s efficiency, usage, sustainability, and operating cost.

This assessment brings hidden print costs to light and helps businesses make necessary adjustments to their printer fleet and print operations to get the most out of their annual print budgets.

The Solid Advantages of Managed Print Services for Your Business

As mentioned, MPS offers a full range of advantages for today’s savvy businesses that are looking for new, effective ways to practice cost control and increase profitability while providing staff — and customers — with a high level of service.

Typical benefits of an MPS program include:

  1. Incredible Control over Costs

Detailed MPS assessments and analytics enable businesses to garner actionable insights into daily operations such as:

  • Device usage across all machines
  • Performance statistics
  • Repair status
  • Supply status

These factors can be analyzed and leveraged to improve the efficiency of the overall print environment by identifying over- or underused machines and machines with performance or quality issues to optimize your printer fleet.

This optimization is the key to reducing print costs, as it assists in eliminating print waste, reducing print volume, and encouraging better and more responsible print behaviors.

Other features, such as auto-replenishment for supplies, further reduces costs and frees up capital that is often tied up in overstocked supply closets or purchasing retail-priced printer inks and toners.

  1. Increased Sustainability to Boost Your Profile with Consumers

Consumers in the U.S. have made it clear through their purchasing behaviors that they value sustainability. In fact, the sustainability market is poised to reach $150 billion in revenue by 2021.

But it’s not just products with sustainability attributes that are driving consumer interest. Smart consumers are also demanding that the companies they buy from engage in legitimate corporate responsibility and sustainability practices.

MPS makes it simple for your business to increase your commitment to sustainability by eliminating print waste through reduced paper consumption; increasing energy efficiency; and providing access to green programs such as printer ink, toner, and device recycling.

Through MPS, print infrastructure is optimized to rid your office of energy-wasting underutilized devices. New devices are set up with activated sleep modes to ensure they are drawing minimal energy when not in use.

Your MPS provider will also ensure that paper consumption is reduced by enabling duplex printing to utilize both sides of a paper sheet, and by helping you educate your staff on print-saving measures.

  1. Decreased Downtime to Boost Productivity

Half of in-house IT managers feel they spend an inordinate amount of time managing print efforts — time that would be better utilized on security and other digital transformation tasks.

Fortunately, MPS provides the kind of predictive analytics that help manage fleets to prevent downtime.

Automated updates and software and hardware patches ensure that your fleet has access to the highest level of security and routine maintenance done on a predictable schedule ensures optimal performance.

Continuous monitoring assists in checking — and correcting — problems before they cause an issue, and troubleshooting, when needed, is conducted by your MPS provider, freeing your staff to keep working.

Finally, regular audits are conducted to further assess opportunities for productivity efficiencies and cost reduction.

Let Virginia Business Systems Transform Your Print Environment

Virginia Business Systems understands the power of MPS to help businesses increase profitability and control costs.

Our team of industry experts will offer a complete assessment of your print infrastructure that will detail exactly how an MPS program can assist you in attaining — and exceeding — your business goals.

We are partnered with several green initiatives such a PrintReleaf, an automated certification system that lets you contribute to global reforestation, seamlessly and with practically no effort on your part.

We also participate in several consumable recycling programs to boost your sustainability profile and give your business a competitive edge.

If you’re looking for a fast, easy way to cut operating costs and optimize productivity in your workplace, contact a Virginia Business Systems consultant today and get a free MPS assessment now!

July 6th 2020