How Your Business Can Excel Using Proper Device Management

As time and technology have advanced your business has probably collected a number of printers, copiers, scanners, and facsimile machines that span vendors — and perhaps even decades.

Having a variety of brands to juggle, including some machines with outdated technology, puts a real strain on your resources. Your IT department may struggle to keep machines coordinating with one another, staff may be frustrated by periods of downtime, and some machines may be under- or overutilized, resulting in sluggish performance and productivity slowdowns.

If your organization is finding it difficult to keep print-related tasks on target, you need to take advantage of device management solutions that can help optimize your fleet for better security, increased cost-savings, seamless workflows, and a host of other benefits.

The Big Benefits of Opting into Printer Fleet Management Solutions

Printer fleet optimization is more than just keeping an eye on machine functionality.

It’s an easy-to-deploy way to garner concrete benefits for your business — the kind that can give you a real advantage in today’s competitive marketplace.

Here are a few gains you can expect from a well-handled device management program:

  1. Minimize Cost of Supplies

Most companies spend anywhere from 1-3% of their annual revenue on print-related tasks and approximately 90% of U.S. businesses don’t realize how much they’re spending on printing.

That means most companies don’t have real visibility into their print spend, so they end up overspending unnecessarily.

Take supplies, for instance.

Many companies keep a stockpile of inks, toners, and other supplies on hand for those “just in case” scenarios, tying up capital that could be better spent elsewhere.

And, for those without a stockpile, running out of essential supplies could mean a critical project gets slowed down — or stalled completely and replacement supplies must be ordered at full retail price.

With print management services, usage is constantly being calculated, so toner and ink are ordered automatically to be available at the exact time they are needed.

  1. Realize Better Security for Sensitive Information

Hackers are increasingly targeting office printers to get their hands on sensitive and mission-critical data.

And legislators are reacting by creating ever more onerous compliance guidelines across a variety of industries from education and healthcare to legal and even retail in a bid to protect consumer information.

A managed print environment ensures the latest security updates and patches are immediately installed and that infrastructure is configured to provide the greatest level of protection possible.

  1. Provide Faster and More Reliable Print Services for Users

Not only will a device management program replace inefficient printers with better technology, it will also correctly match print devices with each department’s special needs and your business’ overall goals.

By streamlining printer locations and the printers themselves, workflows are enhanced, and devices are utilized in a way to contain costs while reducing staff frustration.

With a team of experienced professionals to take care of maintenance, updating, and upgrading, downtime is reduced and the burden on your IT department is eased so they can attend to more crucial tasks.

  1. Drive Better Capital Expenditure Decisions

Being able to leverage the knowledge of print professionals allows your business to save money on several fronts — and make buys that are better for long-range budget goals.

From access to cost-saving printers to assembling a printer fleet that’s perfectly matched to your needs, print management professionals are adept at helping businesses manage expenditures and conserve capital while maintaining a high level of utility.

Usage assessments help provide total visibility for better fiscal planning and automated restocking of supplies and preventative maintenance provide opportunity for additional cost-savings, device continuity, and exceptional efficiency.

Edwards Business Systems — Device Management You Can Count On

At Edwards Business Systems (EBS) we’ve been helping our clients grow their businesses since 1954 by providing the best office equipment and services in the industry.

For today’s integrated work environments, we offer the kind of fully customized solutions that will ensure your company has access to the right technology — at the right price — so that you can remain profitable, even in a volatile market.

If you’re ready to see how our printer fleet management solutions can help protect your bottom line while providing fast, secure, and seamless printing, contact an EBS representative now and get started today!

July 6th 2020