How Wide Format Printing Helps Educational Institutions

Educational institutions and K-12 schools are increasingly challenged, with shrinking budgets, expanding classrooms, and aging infrastructure. The last thing a school needs to worry about is its printing budget. But on-site wide-format printing can help. Here’s how.

What Is Wide Format Printing for Education?

A wide format printer is just what the name indicates – it is a printer that prints in a wide format or on larger paper sizes. Before the advent of modern printer technology, such large format printing could only be done through a professional print shop. Now, printer equipment that would have previously been considered advanced, available only to those with large budgets, is much more accessible.

Wide-format printers come in many styles and can handle various types of paper. Many are available as multifunction printers, which means they can also serve as copiers, fax machines, and scanners. This means they can save space while easing educational budget spending on multiple devices.

How Can Educational Institutions and Schools Benefit from Wide Format Printing?

K-12 schools and higher institutions of learning have many challenges and wide format printing can be a huge boon to stressed-out staff and teachers. Here are just a few of the ways wide format printing equipment can help educators:

Wide Format Printing Enables COVID-19 Compliance

Schools have historically had enough to handle what with students’ needs and budgets. Now, with the advent of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, schools and colleges are even more under the gun for trying to maintain a safe environment for students, with many districts and campuses reopening, if not fully, at least partially.

What does this mean for schools and universities? Well, it impacts many aspects of educational operations, but in a very practical way, it need signs. You need ways to communicate with students all the new rules, guidelines, and social distancing measures. You need to keep students informed and up to date. Wide-format printing equipment gives schools a quick and easy way to print new signage to direct students, teachers, staff, and visitors, who may need to understand the guidelines for coronavirus screening and social distancing.

Wide Format Printing for Learning

Whether a teacher wants to display a detailed poster showing the physical anatomy of a human being, or a special display needs to be set up in the school library, wide-format printing makes this easy and accessible.

Wide Format Printing for Special Events

Of course, with coronavirus restrictions, your school is probably not hosting large sporting events like it used to, but if and when those school events return, wide format printing can help. Whether the marching band needs a sign to support the football team or the dance squad needs a welcome banner for homecoming, wide format printing can make it happen. Wide-format printing can also be great to use to liven up fundraisers and other school support events.

Wide Format Printing Helps Save Money

With schools on tight budgets, every penny saved is necessary. Wide-format printing equipment can save your school money. Instead of having to hire out an expensive printer each time you need a new poster printed, you can do it in-house. Wide-format printers, including multifunction printers, can also be leased instead of purchased. With the addition of full-featured managed print services, your educational institution can save the most money. Managed print services are outsourcing your printer fleet management to a company (like Virginia Business Systems), which will bring a cohesive structure to your printer ecosystem. Printing usage can be tracked and monitored, with money-saving printer policies put into place.

In short, wide-format printing for K-12 schools and higher educational institutions is a must-have. It enables on the fly printing of colorful, large print projects such as banners and posters. It saves time and money from not having to send out a printing project off-site.

Getting Started with Wide Format Printing for Education

Wide-format printing access in an educational setting opens doors to all kinds of engaging projects. The wide-format can be used for informational banners, fundraising assets, learning tools, and more. So how do you get started? The wide-format experts at Virginia Business Systems can assess the needs of your educational institution and recommend the best equipment for your needs. We also offer managed print services.

Virginia Business Systems offers wide format printing equipment for education. Contact us today for a quote!

November 23rd 2020