Benefits of Using a Local Dealer for Copiers and Printers

For office hardware like copiers and printers, there’s no shortage of sellers.

Even for the most popular brands and models, smart shoppers can find what they’re favorites in a variety of places.

But smart shoppers know that buyer’s satisfaction goes beyond the initial transaction. The true value from a buy is often based on the experience as much as the purchase itself.

While larger companies of the world may have plenty going for them, there are many surprising benefits of buying local.

Closer to Home Can Mean Quicker Service

The workday begins. The office manager walks to their copier or printer, flips the switch, and – nothing.

Maybe it’s an error, maybe it’s a jam, or maybe it’s something else. But the workday and its clients aren’t prepared to wait around to find out.

In this situation, which would be better – trying to contact an industry juggernaut with more customers than it can keep up with, or a local dealer that treats each client as an individual?

Fast servicing options help professionals keep their equipment working at optimal levels with the absolute minimal amount of downtime. Forget having to call a number, get transferred a few times, have the call drop, call back, and struggle to find a person to talk with.

Instead, when a company chooses to buy local, they often have a quicker path to getting their service request in and having the peace of mind of knowing it’s been seen.

SMB Communication is More Specific and Customer Focused

Communication is more important than ever for professionals. Especially for a small business that needs certainty in the decisions they make, clear answers are vital for choosing the right products and partners for the future.

Some companies grow so large, and gain so many customers so fast, they simply don’t have the resources to keep up adequate communications. This can stop a deal before it even begins – because communication is vital before a single transaction is made.

Customers who want answers about what product to buy can often get a clearer conversation with straighter answers when they work with a local business.

This added clarity comes from more customer-specific questions. Like, what type of business is this purchase for? What’s the budget? What special requests may be needed to handle daily operations?

It’s much easier to have this back-and-forth in a direct line of communication, rather than dropping an email into a massive corporation’s inbox only to have it get pushed back or even lost in the shuffle.

Local Companies Offer Values the Industry Giants Often Lack

The phrase “buy local” is echoed constantly in blogs, social posts, and commercials. But why?

For one, buying local helps enrich the local area, whether that’s a single community or an entire region encompassing various cities in different states.

But local businesses have something else – something that benefits their customers directly. This comes in the form of specific values buyers look for in a partner. They include:

  • Boldness: A company that will get to know its customers not only builds on that sense of community, but is able to deliver more personalized and ROI-focused options through a tailored approach.
  • Trust: “Oh yeah, I bought from that company before. They’re great!” It’s much easier to get honest referrals from real life customers when shopping local. A business partner, investor, or vendor may have direct experience with local companies and can provide trustworthy insights on their performance.
  • Continuous Learning: A local business doesn’t have the safety net of countless clients that larger corporations do. This incentivizes them to constantly learn more about their field, their customers, and the best approach to customer service so they can grow with their clients.

These are just a few of the core values customers should look for in companies they do business with. Whether they’re buying copiers and printers or getting managed services, smaller companies that are closer to home can provide big results and offer an experience buyers won’t find anywhere else.

Buy Local to Get Copiers and Printers for Your Business

Copiers and printers are some of the most essential pieces of hardware for any business. But what else is essential?

An unmatched balance of speed and quality, exceptional customer service that doesn’t end when the product is sold, and most importantly, genuine values that show the customer they matter.

When you shop with Virginia Business Systems you’re a part of our professional family. We’ll work diligently to understand the needs of your organization and how our line of copiers and printers, along with our array of managed services, can help you achieve your goals. Reach out today for a prompt response.

December 7th 2020