The Benefits of Sharp AQUOS BOARDs

Think whiteboards are so twenty years ago? Think again. A new breed of whiteboards – interactive whiteboards – are revolutionizing the way businesses approach visual communications. They’re not just a trend. As the next up-and-coming workspace technology, they’re opening up a whole new era of collaboration. Enter: The Sharp AQUOS BOARD.

Edwards Business Systems is pleased to have partnered with Sharp to place the AQUOS BOARD into the hands of forward-thinking clients. Here’s a rundown of the many super-modern features offered by the AQUOS BOARD as well as how this technology is benefiting businesses large and small.


The Next Generation Features of the Sharp AQUOS BOARD

The Sharp AQUOS BOARD interactive display system is much more than a television screen which can broadcast beautiful presentations legible from twenty feet away. Rather, Sharp has loaded it up with an impressive assortment of top-of-the-line goodies to make each experience with it nothing short of dazzling.

1.  Versatile Applications for Every Need

In one sense, the Sharp AQUOS BOARD functions like a giant tablet. It arrives with numerous applications installed to enhance workflow, collaboration and the impact of presentations. These are all accessible via a simple but powerful touchscreen interface which makes everything easy to find.

2.  Up to 80” Screen Class

Screen size matters. At 80 diagonal inches, text remains legible at upwards of twenty feet away. Likewise, this creates plenty of space for multiple collaborators to write on it at once. However, unlike other massive displays which sometimes develop resolution problems, the Sharp AQUOS BOARD has no difficulty maintaining high-definition clarity and stunning resolution.

3. High Image Quality, Low Energy Consumption

The Sharp AQUOS BOARD uses Sharp’s UV2A photo-alignment tech which is a big piece of the recipe which propelled the brand into a leading spot in the digital display industry. This interactive whiteboard is LED backlit for maximum brightness at less than a quarter of the power consumption as a typical 65” class plasma display panel.

4. Pen Software Interface

Sharp has decked out its AQUOS BOARD with proprietary Pen Software and the hardware to go with it. A protective class and touch panel both sit atop the LCD screen to protect it from damage while creating a smooth writing surface. Advanced optical detection ensures that up to four people can write on the board at the same time

5. Manage Data Flawlessly

A particularly unique feature of the Sharp AQUOS BOARD is its ability to seamlessly fit into an office’s document cycle. Boasting MFP connectivity and the ability to integrate with Google Drive, OneDrive, and other document solutions, users can scan to AQUOS BOARD, write on it then print it out or save it to the Cloud with minimal effort.

6. Multifaceted Communication in Real Time

Want to connect to up to 50 mobile devices at once? With the Sharp AQUOS BOARD, it’s possible. Team members can view a presentation on their own laptops and tablets – including watching handwritten content added in real time. This interactive whiteboard is built to bring teams together, whether or not each member is in the same room.


How the AQUOS BOARD Benefits Businesses

There are many advantages which the Sharp AQUOS BOARD brings to the business environment. However, its main strength lies in its ability to enhance involvement in presentations, turning what might otherwise seem like a lecture into a collaborative event. This includes:

  • Better note-taking and annotation, with the connectivity to save these materials for later viewing.
  • Turning company meetings into collaborative brainstorming sessions.
  • Real-time discussion and modification of documents.
  • Giving clients a new way to interact with a brand on the sales floor.
  • Enhanced participation in video conferences.
  • Sharing up-to-date data with collaborators faster and more easily.
  • High-impact performances to mesmerize and motivate audiences.

The Sharp AQUOS BOARD facilitates more interactivity, better integration and increased interconnectedness for teams, organizations, and their clients.


EBS Is a Certified Sharp AQUOS BOARD Dealer

Edwards Business Systems is pleased to have become an authorized dealer of the Sharp AQUOS BOARD. This enables clients to benefit from factory-trained teams ready to provide a white-glove experience from start to finish. From delivery and installation to training and ongoing support, Edwards Business Systems specialists have developed the expertise necessary to help clients take advantage of this technology to its fullest potential.

Interactive whiteboards are the future of business collaboration. The Sharp AQUOS BOARD is a premier example of this powerful new technology and its many applications in an organization.

Sharp’s AQUOS BOARD has many different models, each with their own unique specifications. Are you as excited as we are about the potential it has for your office space? If so, contact one of our specialists today to begin a conversation on the many possibilities interactive whiteboards have for visual communications in your business.

June 12th 2019