Using Cloud Computing and Cloud-based Apps to Transform Your Operations

As companies move further into the 21st century, cloud-based technology continues to play a starring role in digitally transforming business operations.

From embracing hybrid and multi-cloud approaches to optimizing existing cloud use, companies are making cloud services a priority for the fourth consecutive year.

Along with the growth in cloud computing usage, software-as-a-service (SaaS) continues to attract the attention of decision-makers at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

Web-based apps such as Office365, Google G Suite, Adobe Creative Hub, Dropbox, Wordpress, Slack, Salesforce, and others are now available in the cloud, allowing businesses to provide continuity across business processes, regardless of work environment.

That ability has been a key factor in keeping businesses up and running during the recent COVID-19 pandemic, which saw many employees working remotely.

When businesses combine the convenience and flexibility offered by web-based apps in a secure, scalable cloud-based environment, they can realize a host of benefits that help position them for success.

Leveraging Cloud Computing to Promote Business Process Consistency

The benefits of cloud computing reach far beyond simple convenience.

Access to cloud-based apps and a strong cloud infrastructure gives companies an adaptable, secure platform on which they can rely — regardless of changes in work environment or markets.

That means employees have access to critical information even if they are on the go or working remotely, allowing them to be more productive and more responsive to colleagues and customers alike.

Other significant benefits of a cloud-based environment include:

  1. Sensitivity to Capital Expenditures for Better Budgeting

Organizations can realize significant cost reductions by migrating data, applications, and other IT components to a cloud-based service.

For most, a shift to the cloud means moving information away from on-site data centers, eliminating costly resources that are tied to maintaining on premises servers and other infrastructure. This can even extend to cloud-based phone systems that allow companies to reduce — or eliminate entirely — their reliance on legacy PBX hardware.

And being able to store unlimited data in digital form means data storage costs are reduced significantly as costly real estate for hard-copy storage and security is eliminated.

  1. Advanced Security

Cybercrime is a serious threat for most businesses — even SMBs. In fact, attacks on SMBs have increased over the years, with 43% of cyber attacks specifically targeting small enterprises.

Fortunately, a move to the cloud can help protect your organization from data theft and loss. In a cloud-based environment, data is encrypted during transmission, processing, and storage. And a good managed network provider will always have a disaster recovery plan, including redundancies, in place in the event of a natural or virtual disaster.

Furthermore, user access, a typical point-of-entry for hackers, can be easily controlled through an admin panel. Not only does this enable you to manage — and track — the number of authorized users, but it also allows businesses to easily secure cloud access in the event employees leave or change roles.

  1. Flexibility and Scalability

Scalability regarding cloud computing means the ability to easily add — or reduce — storage or computing resources.

In a real-world IT environment, the demand for resources has peaks and valleys — a pattern that can change seasonally or hourly, depending on your industry.

A cloud system allows you to configure your resources for daily rather than peak usage, eliminating overspending on infrequently used infrastructure but allowing for upscaling where necessary.

Let Virginia Business Systems Transform Your Computing Environment

Virginia Business Systems provides a customized approach to managed services to help businesses get the most out of their cloud environment.

Our team of IT professionals and experts will help you build a technology roadmap to keep your resources on target as your company expands.

We design custom-tailored cloud solutions that speak to your individual business needs and goals and implement these solutions seamlessly for uninterrupted service and minimal staff disruption.

Our cloud-based platform provides complete backup and disaster recovery to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster and we provide the latest in cybersecurity — including malware and virus protection — across all devices for optimal data protection.

Experience the increase in productivity and profitability a cloud-based environment can bring to your workplace. Contact a Virginia Business Systems consultant today and learn how our managed network services team can help you achieve your business goals.

July 13th 2020