It’s common knowledge that cloud computing brings several financial benefits to the fore for the businesses that choose it, redefining the way companies spend their IT dollars.

The cost effectiveness of cloud computing extends beyond the obvious reduction in hardware and energy costs and extends to the minimization of IT maintenance costs and the realization of economies of scale.

But the real power and cost savings come from its ability to render your workplace more efficient and effective, increasing revenue by driving productivity with an array of advantages that spans all aspects of business operations.

Cloud Computing Increases Productivity? Here’s How

The benefits of cloud computing play a substantial role in assisting companies to positively transform the way they do business.

Cloud-native applications are developing business solutions that make them increasingly adaptable and affordable ways for businesses to leverage critical workflow software such as Office365, Google G Suite, Adobe, and others.

But apps are just one example of how computing in the cloud can impact how your employees get work done. Here are three other ways cloud computing can maximize productivity in a business environment:

  1. Seamless Accessibility for Easier Access to Crucial Information

Rapid, reliable data synchronization is critical to eliminate redundant information and improve operational efficiency.

Cloud integration assists businesses in connecting various resources — from software-as-a-service (SaaS) options such as applications — to on-premises software so that your employees can access and manage the data they need from anywhere.

Storage and sharing options in the cloud let staff keep files organized and accessible so they can be located rapidly and services such as Google Drive and Dropbox can integrate with online faxing to keep communication flowing.

  1. Reduced Paper Waste for Streamlined Workflows

The kind of accessibility options offered by a cloud-based infrastructure allow businesses to reduce the number of hard-copy printouts necessary to conduct business.

Not only does this feature assist in boosting the kind of corporate responsibility and sustainability practices that consumers are looking for, but it underscores the cloud’s ability to streamline workflows.

With documents available in digital form across a variety of platforms and devices, employees can retrieve needed information quickly and accurately.

And finding documents digitally is much easier than storing them in filing cabinets or in individual offices. Cloud-based applications make indexing and searching for files effortless, allowing employees fast access to the information they need.

Finally, reducing paper copies also contributes to the decrease of overall costs, as physical storage is no longer necessary to manage data.

  1. Fast Access to State-of-the-Art Business Tools

Project management is a key element in reaching specific business goals. Without project management, it can take much longer to design and implement a new process or product.

Since time is money, many businesses allocate resources to, and invest in, the development and proper monitoring of critical business tasks.

Project management tasks are simplified with cloud computing, as the platform allows for the use of intuitive software to manage tasks that keeps everyone on the same page.

With some platforms, such as Trello, live updates are available for all team members and a project dashboard keeps thoughts, action items, and assignments organized so it’s easier to stay on-task.

Other software can help you manage all business processes through the cloud. Time tracking and audit apps can help employees set — and achieve — action-based goals and provide analytics on how employees are getting tasks completed.

Video conferencing and screen sharing options allow teams to collaborate easily while calendar and scheduling software easily organizes team calendars to book meetings, set goals, and keep track of progress.

Level Up Your Productivity — Explore Cloud Computing with Virginia Business Systems

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