Every office experiences unexpected downtimes from the hardware and software used daily. The technology the company deployed enables the fast and efficient processing of all business information. The printers, copiers, workstations, networks, and servers distributed in the company requires regular maintenance and dedicated monitoring to keep the system operational. A single failure can bring the entire company’s workflow to a halt, leading to losses in revenue.

Although not conducting preventative maintenance can cause hardware to fail, human error is more likely the cause for unexpected downtimes. Paper jams usually result from the incorrect stacking of the trays more than it does from insufficient printer maintenance. Similarly, if a company spends a lot of time searching for documents, it points to a deficiency in their filing processes. Modern office productivity tools can help the company overcome these issues and establish a more efficient business workflow.

ConnectKey and Office Productivity Apps

Xerox’s ConnectKey Office Assistant solution helps a company streamline the entire document management workflow for greater efficiency. The software comes with a host of apps that help organizations do more with their office’s Multifunction Printers (MFPs). ConnectKey is also cloud and mobile-ready, allowing companies to be more productive from any device. Employees can create electronic documents directly on the MFP, file the documents according to the company’s policies, and search the electronic library using a tablet-like interface.

ConnectKey also comes with improved security features to help keep the company’s sensitive information secure. With integrated access control models, staff will only have access to the documents needed to execute their tasks. Uncollected prints present a risk for the company’s information security. With a pull-to-print solution from ConnectKey, employees need to enter a pin on the device before the MFP processes the print job.

Improved Document Management Workflows

Modern Document Management solutions enable a company to automate and formalize all the business process workflows. With an integrated Document Management System (DMS), the company can capture, convert, and automate many of the information processing tasks their staff regularly performs. Instead of walking documents between desks, automated workflows ensure the accurate and timely routing of information throughout the organization. By moving to a digitized solution, the company can reduce the amount of printing and copying tasks, leading to bigger cost savings.

A DMS also helps companies adopt more sustainable business practices. With disaster recovery and regular backups, if the company experiences any issues, they can quickly restore the information management system to the previous point in time. Reducing the amount of downtime and rework required to recover will assist the company in remaining productive, even in the event that something went wrong.

Peace of Mind with Managed IT Solutions

IT Systems and productivity tools are easy to use but require expert setup and administration to be effective. A managed IT services provider can help the company quickly adopt a digital transformation strategy for improved sustainability. It also helps the organization scale operations as required, without adding exorbitant expenditures to the annual budgets. Managed IT solutions take care of all the networks, workstations, and storage requirements of the company at a single monthly cost.

With device management and dedicated remote support, the company can reduce the cost of compliance with regulatory requirements. Additionally, the service provider will remotely monitor the devices, detecting any issues and fixing the problem often before the company realized it existed. As the managed IT services company will configure the entire IT system, it will be less prone to failure and reduce the amount of downtimes, ensuring the team remains productive.

Managed IT solutions also protects the company from data breaches and cyberattacks. By monitoring the networks and using the latest threat protection tools, the business is less likely to experience a crippling attack that can bring down their entire IT system. The managed IT services provider will have a dedicated team of network security professionals that have access to the latest threat definitions and tactics. They will also help improve employee awareness while preventing phishing attacks from reaching the intended targets inside the company.

Transforming Companies with Virginia Business Systems

If a company needs to reduce the downtimes of their current IT systems and ensure they can scale with ease, Virginia Business Systems can assist them with formulating a digital transformation strategy. As the modern economy speeds up, finding ways to improve productivity and reduce inefficiencies is vital for building a sustainable business. Virginia Business Systems have worked with companies since 1956, helping them leverage new technology to improve operations.

With Managed IT, Managed Print Services, Office Productivity Tools, and Device Monitoring, Virginia Business Systems can help any business revamp their entire business workflow towards a digital-first solution. Collaborating with Virginia Business Systems will give the company access to technology experts who can develop a solution that caters to their exact requirements.

To start reducing downtimes and develop a digital transformation strategy using managed IT, speak to one of our friendly agents at Virginia Business Systems today.