The world’s oldest document dates back to 14,000 BCE. Discovered in Jerusalem back in 2010, the tiny clay fragment is the first piece of written human history that appears to be a royal letter and was part of a diplomatic statement sent between two kingdoms. What this illustrates is the value humanity places on the ability to record and transmit information throughout their history. As cultures evolved and technologies improved, civilizations placed more value documenting their exploits for future generations. This culminated in the invention of the Gutenberg printing press, making it possible to print large, voluminous books that were more affordable in 1450.

Since then printers have evolved from large, mechanically operated machines to today’s sophisticated electromechanical digital devices. Manufacturers continue to add features and efficiencies to the machines, enabling the fast and reliable production or duplication of documents with modern Multifunction Printers (MFPs).

Modern Features Included in Today’s MFPs

The global adoption of more sustainable practices is one of the trends that drive the evolution of printers and copiers. Historically, these machines were noisy and wasteful, dooming most of them to copy rooms situated in the basements of buildings. Today’s MFPs use less ink and toner, consume less energy, and operates quietly anywhere in the office. These devices also have advanced finishing options, integrations with workflow and document management tools, and impressive duty-cycles.

Centralized Management and Improved Security

There are now software solutions that make it easy to manage entire fleets of printers, tracking usage, and applying uniform policies throughout the organization. With modern print servers, companies can set up different print limits by department or user and keep track of both supplies and print volumes the company uses every day.

This helps organizations reign-in runaway printing practices within the organization and accurately measure the costs of the printing operations. As the MFP now connects to either a LAN or WAN network, analytics and statistics about the usage of the different devices distributed throughout the company helps them better anticipate and forecast what the printing budget is for the organization.

Today’s printers and copiers also come with more advanced software installed that includes mobile apps, productivity solutions and most importantly, updates and security patches. As companies manage sensitive information relating to both employees and customers, printers were a regular offender in the uncontrolled disclosure of information. Hackers started targeting the devices to gain access to the company’s network and steal information. The latest printers and copiers come with update capabilities included so that once the manufacturer detects any vulnerability, users can patch the system with improved software controls to protect the company’s information.

Energy and Environmentally Conscientious MFPs

Higher yield ink and toner cartridges, including the ability to recycle or refurbish the consumables is a big differentiator between older and newer model MFPs. The entire industry has embraced sustainable manufacturing practices for both devices and supplies. Combined with this, most modern MFPs have quicker wake-up times and use minimal power during standby and printing operations. This keeps organizational overheads down while ensuring the office remains productive.

Refurbishing cartridges is better for the environment than recycling. In addition, the materials and chemicals used in manufacturing ink and toner cartridges now cause less harmful effects on the environment. These practices also reduce the cost to the consumer by allowing toner and ink cartridge refurbishments, instead of purchasing completely new ones from suppliers.

Mobile and Cloud Connected MFPs and Software Integrations

Apart from the additional security features, today’s MFPs enable organizations to print from the cloud or from mobile devices. MFPs also come with a wide variety of apps and software integrations that further drives office efficiency and productivity. With mobile printing, employees don’t have to walk to a desk to print a document someone requested during a meeting or discussion. Staff can access the document, send it to the printer from a mobile phone, and retrieve it from the MFP quickly.

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