The Latest Trends In Production Printing And CIP

June 28th 2021

The production print segment is constantly evolving. Every few months new products are introduced that promise improved quality, productivity, and profit margin. Keeping up with the velocity of [...]

What Is Printing Automation And Why Is It Important?

June 21st 2021

Office software technology has come a long way in the past several years. Projects that used to take weeks or months, and require teams of workers can now be automated to the degree where perhaps [...]

What Back To The Office Will Look Like This Summer Of 2021

June 14th 2021

Summer often recalls images of vacations and leisure activities, but the summer of 2021 has many of us thinking about heading back to the office. With vaccination rates beginning to surpass the 50% [...]

Businesses Need Anti Ransomware Protection Now More Than Ever

June 7th 2021

The warning signs have been there for years, but no one really thought it could happen. This past month, hackers used a ransomware attack to shut down the digital systems controlling the pipeline [...]

Who is the Best Copier Company in Central Virginia?

May 24th 2021

Every year, our sales reps here at Virginia Business Systems meet with thousands of business owners to talk about their unique business challenges and how to best solve them. In the course of these [...]

Why is data security important on a network printer or MFP?

May 17th 2021

We hear a lot about computer security these days. Denial of Service attacks, security breaches, and ransomware are currently all over the news. Big companies like Wells Fargo, Equifax, and LinkedIn [...]

Ink or Toner, Which One is Better?

May 10th 2021

For the past few decades, toner-based copiers have dominated the market for business-class devices. Why is that? For starters, dry ink devices have been around a lot longer, and the technology is [...]

How do Color Copiers Work?

May 3rd 2021

Most of us have used color copiers in our professional lives. We load them with blank paper, we lift the top lid, place an original on the glass, and press the big green button. The copier then [...]

How Print Marketing Can Help Real Estate Agents Succeed

April 26th 2021

Real estate agents are still dealing with the fallout of the pandemic. Affordable housing markets are shrinking and millennial pocketbooks along with them. There’s plenty of competition from [...]

Supporting Your Remote Workforce with Print Options

April 19th 2021

Remote work has gone from an occasional perk to the new normal in the space of a year — and the trend is showing no sign of fizzling out. As a flood of employees leave their cubicles and offices for [...]