3 Critical Ways Managed Print for Architects Can Improve Business

Architectural firms are facing an uphill struggle as they move toward recovery in a post pandemic economy. Since many firms fall into the small- and medium-sized business (SMB) category, they often have fewer resources to pull from. This lack makes it more difficult to cut costs while still maintaining a high level of productivity, creativity, and customer service.

At the core of most architectural firms’ business operations is print production. Plans, design drawings, and other documents are essential to successful job completion. Poor management of this resource often results in excess costs, waste, and loss of productivity.

Smart firms are turning to managed print for architects to gain visibility into costs, reduce drain on resources, and escalate productivity for a stronger return on investment (ROI) on ongoing projects.

How Managed Print for Architects Can Increase Project ROI

In an industry fraught with unpredictability — from changes in consumer and market demand to moving deadlines — proper management of resources is critical to keep project costs from outweighing the acquired return.

Managed print programs created specifically for architects can help firms more fully understand their print costs and allow them to gain financial control as well as control over time spent on each project.

Here’s how print management can help your firm uncover measurable advantages for more project control — and profitability.

  1. Expense Visibility

With 2021 predicted to be another down year for the industry, at least in the area of nonresidential projects, architects need to be vigilant about controlling costs on each project. With print costs a significant factor for most offices, being able to target and reduce areas of waste is critical.

Managed print for architects can not only provide an analysis of spending by machine, department, or project, but also reduce capital expenditures on overstocked supplies. Most managed print programs have an auto-fulfillment feature that ensures supplies are replenished at the exact time they are needed.

This reduces the need for costly storage space as well as provides access to lower-cost supplies through your managed print provider.

  1. Tracking Plan and Record Location and Changes

Construction jobs typically require multiple sets of plans, and rarely do jobs occur without a number of on-the-fly changes. When that happens, as-built drawings are a requirement. Keeping up with and tracking changes is an essential task for architectural firms, but without proper record-keeping, these details can get mismanaged or lost.

Managed print programs provide document reporting features that gives architects fast access to the blueprints, plans, or drawings they need — when they need them. Providing quick turnaround to stakeholders, including construction teams, owners, and other partners can help cement your firm’s positive reputation.

  1. Better Quality Drawings and Plans

With Building Information Modeling (BIM) becoming the new standard in drawings, replacing the ubiquitous CAD output, architectural firms need highly-detailed, clear images.

Plan sets must be precise, easy to read, and able to withstand the elements. A print management system can optimize your print environment to ensure you have the printer with the right features for your business needs.

Conversely, managed print will ensure that you don’t spend more than you need to on print equipment, allowing you to conserve capital resources for other mission-critical spends.

Let Virginia Business Systems Manage Your Print Environment

At Virginia Business Systems (VBS), we offer our architectural clients access to state-of-the-art print equipment while giving them the means to control print costs, amplify productivity, and keep projects organized and on schedule.

Our targeted solutions come from years of experience creating custom-tailored print management programs that focus on bottom-line management.

Our team of IT experts will assess your current print infrastructure against your firm’s specific challenges and needs. Then we will create and optimized print environment, complete with auto-supply replenishment and green printing practices to reduce cost and waste, and keep it maintained and serviced for optimal up-time.

Resources are managed at application, device, and individual levels for full-spectrum control over every aspect of your print environment. This control will provide insight into ongoing costs, pinpoint areas for improvement, and allow you to achieve a higher ROI on every project you perform.

Bring the power of managed print to your next project. Contact VBS today and discover how our managed print services can optimize your print environment for more control — and more success.

April 5th 2021