Choosing the Right Communication System is More Important Than Ever!

As we move into 2022, two major areas of operation have changed dramatically. First, there has been a continuing shift from in-office workers to remote work situations — or at least a hybrid employment model.

Then, there is the massive shift in consumer behavior as individuals demand a safer — and better — customer experience.

Fortunately for most businesses, managing both of these areas can be easily handled using today’s technology to improve communication.

Choosing the right communication system is critical to helping staff collaborate; address pressing business concerns; and build a bridge with customers that can generate revenue, improve loyalty, and give your business a head start on the competition.

Choosing the Right Communication System in Three Easy Steps

Did you know that 86% of buyers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience and that video conferencing alone can increase productivity among employees?

Having a strong communication system in place at your business provides flexibility, encourages collaboration, and keeps customers engaged — and there are simple and cost-effective ways to get started.

  1. Build the Base

Keeping people engaged in your business — whether they are customers or employees — is easy with the right connectivity.

For most small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone system makes good sense, as it allows you to do away with landlines altogether and use your existing internet connection to connect people via phone, online, and through video conferencing.

VoIP adds flexibility, nearly unlimited scalability, and advanced features to keep geographically scattered workers and your valued customers in the communication loop.

  1. Add Layers of Technology

Now that you have access to connectivity, amplify your benefits with cutting-edge video conferencing equipment such as interactive whiteboards.

Interactive whiteboards change the way we communicate by providing sharp, clear displays to mimic face-to-face meetings alongside software that allows for screen sharing and other tools to share proposals, plans and drawings, and other marketing collateral in high-definition, brilliant color.

  1. Keep Moving Forward

Technology is constantly moving forward, and communication technology is no different. In order to keep the connectivity and collaboration benefits you gained by creating a top-level system of communication, your business will want to stay attuned to developments that can help keep teams and customers in contact.

And, with data privacy regulations on the rise, you will want to ensure your lines of communication are not only open — but protected.

Working with a managed services provider (MSP) can give you access to experts with cutting-edge knowledge that can ensure your systems are up to date with not only the latest technology, but also security protocols, patches, and fixes that can safeguard sensitive data.

Virginia Business Systems Can Help Your Communicate with Teams and Customers More Effectively

We understand the toll the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has taken on many of our customers, particularly small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that sometimes struggle to get the expert knowledge they need to succeed.

At Virginia Business Systems (VBS), we can offer a team of industry experts to assist your business in developing a robust communication system that will help your business thrive. Whether you are connecting remote work staff with in-house colleagues or facilitating a relationship with your customer base, you’ll find our selection of communication technology can fit any needs and budget.

Our team can assess your current communication system and infrastructure, address challenges and needs, and create a cost-effective system that can amplify productivity and help you stay connected with customers safely.

Having VBS on your team will ensure that your system is always up to date, and that the latest security protocols and patches have been applied to keep your — and your customers’ — data fully protected and your business in compliance with necessary data privacy regulations.

Experience the difference a robust communication system can make in your level of productivity and in customer relations. Contact VBS today and learn how simple and cost-effective it can be to get the right communication tools for your business needs.

February 14th 2022