Shifting to VoIP for Telecommunications Provides Significant Business Benefits

In an ever-changing economy more businesses have discovered that reliable communication is a critical element for preserving business continuity and keeping bottom lines healthy.

And with businesses moving more of their crucial processes to a cloud environment, switching from a standard telecommunications system to a cloud-based one is an intuitive move that can give your business solid advantages in today’s competitive marketplace.

To access these benefits, many companies are turning to Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems for their telecommunications needs.

VoIP takes incoming calls and converts them to a digital signal that is sent via the internet, where it is transformed to a standard signal to reach either another VoIP or a non-VoIP number.

This easy-to-deploy process allows you to route business calls to your personal smartphone and make a call through a VoIP application on that smartphone, which will show up as a business number on your clients’ screen.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg concerning features that internet-based VoIP bring to businesses of all sizes.

Why VoIP is the Right Choice for Many Businesses

Most businesses find they can leverage the power of VoIP to reduce costs, increase flexibility, and ensure uninterrupted communications among a workforce that is both office-based and remote.

That means a VoIP system can help your workforce stay connected with the latest features and technology, regardless of work environment, while helping your business keep a close eye on bottom line expenditures.

The benefits of switching to VoIP are diverse, and include:

  1. Increased Savings

After a VoIP phone service is in place, it allows for more efficient and cost-saving telecommunications, freeing your business of the maintenance and monthly fees associated with traditional phone companies.

In addition, VoIP phones provide cost savings by:

  • Eliminating long-distance charges for overseas calls
  • Reducing the need to pay extra for services like voice mail, video conferencing, and video calling
  • Reducing the need for costly infrastructure (phone lines) for every cubicle or office space
  • Eliminating the burden of telecommunications-related IT support and service from your in-house staff, as the VoIP provider takes care of maintenance and troubleshooting

Additionally, employee moves, adds, and changes are performed without additional costs, making keeping up with fluctuations in staffing simple for administrative and in-house IT staff.

  1. Enhanced Functionality

Using a VoIP system gives you control of all your calls in one overarching system. This means you can effortlessly make voice calls, video calls, videoconferencing, and even screen sharing.

An internet phone system can work using analog desk phones, computers, and mobile devices, providing communications coverage for a full range of work environments.

With business-class VoIP, you can get features such as:

  • Automated attendant
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail to email transcription
  • Call forwarding
  • Do not disturb
  • Caller ID
  • Call screening
  • Business toll integration
  • SMS text messaging

When added to video conferencing and other collaborative technologies, these features give businesses the performance they need to keep staff productive — and customers happy.

  1. Better Scalability

Not only does a cloud-based telecommunications system like VoIP provide better disaster recovery and redundancy for the security-minded business, it also allows for easy, rapid scalability to help your business keep pace with market fluctuations.

That means you can expand your VoIP system as your business grows — or reduce it without penalty in the case of unforeseen cutbacks.

Let Virginia Business Systems Help You Make the Switch to VoIP

At Virginia Business Systems (VBS) we have a team of industry experts that can help your business make the switch from traditional to VoIP telecommunications service without downtime or interruptions so you can begin enjoying the benefits of internet-based phone service for your organization.

With communication, collaboration, data safety, and cost efficiency being primary goals for today’s businesses, VoIP is a smart choice that can fully meet the needs and goals of your organization.

If you’re ready to explore the many benefits a VoIP system can bring to your work environment, contact an VBS representative today and let us help you put internet-based phone service to work for your business.

February 21st 2022